Dark wood, old sink, linoleum floor, broken screen windows, paint-chipped radiator, welcoming french doors, fairy string lights, hand-lettered sayings, blue walls, MCAT books, compost bin, New York Times newspapers, wood next to the fire place, yoga mat, metropass, sunglasses, applications, work badges, parties, bonfires, bikes, bright kitchen light, dark shadows in the living room

Banana bread, pour-over coffee, Thanksgiving turkey, pancakes and bacon, chocolate chip cookies, falafel, homemade ice cream, Pizza Luce, scrambled cheesy eggs, Bogart’s donuts, brats on the grill, Christmas cookies, garden pesto, peach jam

Laughing, quiet conversation, Gilmore Girls, worship music, Meghan Trainor jams, shower, creaky floor boards, city bus breaking, children laughing, cars wooshing by, thunderstorms, movies

This place is where I studied for the MCAT, this place is where I was accepted into Medical School, this place is where I hosted my first Friendsgiving dinner, this place was my home base when I trained for a marathon, this place is where I called home for 2 years, this place is where I learned how to slow down and be present, this place is where I grew in my faith and became a fully-devoted follower of Christ, this place is where I learned so much about myself, this place is where I learned how to take care of myself, this place is where I read so many books. This place will always hold a tender place in my heart because it represents a time in my life when I went through a massive personal growth spurt and learned how to stand a little taller.

As I begin preparing for my departure to Mexico in less than 3 months, I have begun to think of all the places in Minnesota I want to make sure to visit before I leave. Most of these places are places where I have enjoyed spending time with friends and family. Places are important to us because of the people we share them with. This apartment will always be an important place for me because it is where I spent time with people I love and it was a gathering space where I cultivated community and watched relationships grow and evolve. I will look back on this rich chapter of my life with awe, as I begin to decipher God’s humor in it all and how God led me to where I am today, which is moving home for a few months before I take off for my YAGM year in Mexico! It gives me hope to remind myself there will be just as many places in Mexico that will represent another transformative chapter of my journey.

Peace out, 3620 Bryant Ave, it’s been an amazing chapter!

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